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  • Country wedding Style


    This style is also called “cowboy country”. This is a simple but at the same time elegant style, a country wedding with elements of luxury. The combination of rough and tender details is used in the decoration. The place of ceremony is a country restaurant with big premises; hay bales, flower and greenery garlands, kerosene […]

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  • Rustic Style – what is it?


    The wedding should be held without any luxury and pomposity, all the elements should be maximally simple in design. In other words, this is a simple, a bit of a country style. All the materials are of natural origin, are served in the crude form, allowing negligence, the color pattern is of natural colors. A […]

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  • Shabby Chic Style


    This style is for elegant and romantic kind. It means “faded shine” or “faded chic”, simply put, this is giving objects an effect of antiquity. This style is characterized by dilute dim colors, flowery motives and the elements of handwork. You should consider high financial cost of this style.

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  • Force majeure at the wedding


    While planning and organizing a wedding ceremony, you should be in advance prepared for the fact that some moments will not develop according to the established scenario. As they say, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is completely natural that each young couple wants their wedding to become exclusive and memorable, […]